Vickie VICKIE, "Tailgunner" - Road Captain, Retired Director, Lifetime Member

The V-Star 1100 Classic is my second bike, and as of this moment, I wouldn't trade it for anything out there. My first one was a beautiful purple/white 1995 Honda Shadow 600, and while it was fine for scooting around town, as I began to expand my riding, it just wasn't suited for the long distances I wanted to travel.
I first got the "bug" to ride my own motorcycle, at 40 years old, back in 1994, while still a passenger on the man's Gold Wing. More and more, I noticed women moving into the drivers seat and it occurred to me that I might be able to do it too. Took my first MSF course and upon passing, promptly bought the Shadow, which my boyfriend had to ride home for me because I was too nervous. Got it into my driveway and immediately wondered what the heck I had done this time!

Less than a month of riding around the block on my own, I was lucky enough to run into a lady who invited me to a Free Spirit Chapter meeting. What a difference that made in my confidence level, knowing that there were other women out there who shared my interest and understood some of my fears. My boyfriend really didn't want to ride with me, he still wanted me on the back, and I had no clue what was out there waiting for me in the way of friendships and support.
Jump forward 10 years, and I find myself easily adding close to 10,000 miles a year, several states, (saw 13 in '04) and friendships with other riders, both men and women, across the country. The world is no longer big enough for the VStar and I. I have come a very long way from those early days. Never thought I would become Chapter Director, never thought I would be as comfortable on my bike as I am in my car, never thought I would be voted Outstanding Chapter Director of an International organization, Women On Wheels®, and certainly never thought I would hop on my motorcycle and ride myself out to Sturgis South Dakota, but here I am, happier now than 10 years ago, living a life that suits me just fine. When people ask what I do for a living, I always tell them, "I'm a secretary, but in reality, I'm a biker chick ... I keep my day job to support my habit!"
I am often asked, "why do I need to join a group to enjoy riding my motorcycle?" My answer is always the same, "You don't, you join a group for the support, friendships, and to benefit from the experience of others." That answer has yet to prove me wrong, if I quit riding today, I would still have the wonderful friends I have made along the way. Even though I have now been riding for over 10 years, I have yet to get over the thrill over being right in the middle, or even out in front, of a long line of motorcycles. Besides, I like attention, and bottom line is, I get plenty of it simply by being a woman riding my own motorcycle.
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