TiffaneyTIFFANEY, Road Captain

I started riding on the back of my husband's bike when we were dating. I was getting tired of seeing the back of his helmet, so I took the MSF class in the summer of 2003. My first bike was a '91 Suzuki Intruder. Then I graduated to a '94 Honda Shadow 1100. I upgraded from there to a '00 Harley Road King. I am currently riding a '04 Yamaha Road Star.

I became a member of the Free Spirit Chapter in 2005. I have learned so much and have been motivated to ride safely and ride well by this group of ladies. I was honored to become a part of the Road Captain Team when it was that team I looked up to so fondly. I have made incredible friendships and have had some incredible rides with this awesome group. We are individuals who just love to ride. We do short and long rides, and everyone rides their own ride.

I absolutely love doing long rides out of state with some of my FSC friends. I love finding winding back roads and small towns to stop in. Lately, my husband and I have enjoyed putting both of our children on the backs of our bikes and heading out on the road. I look forward to every riding season.

Tiffaney Tiffaney