MarryMARRY, "Shortie"

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Occupation: Classified (it just sounds cool)

In 2005 my husband and I were looking for something new and exciting. After spending a very boring winter watching every episode of America Chopper, I decided to surprise him with a 2005 Yamaha Virago 250; an awesome bike for us both to learn on. He rode the Virago for about 3 months until a neighbor won a 1973 Harley XLCH and gave it to my husband. (What can I say; we’re very lovable) So in a short amount of time, my gift to him was now mine. Now I had to learn to ride. I decided to try tooling around the neighborhood and venturing out on the street a bit. On my 9th time on the road, he decided that we should hop on the expressway at the last minute. With no chance to debate it, I followed him on the ramp to I-75 and couldn’t remember if I was supposed to lean or turn the wheel in the curve on the ramp. Guess what; you don’t turn the wheel. So I was done riding in 2005 with a couple of months off for my knee surgery. But I’m no quitter. In 2006 I took the Macomb Rider’s Safety Course with Gary and passed with flying colors. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. What a great class. I rode about 1000+ miles in 2006 and was building confidence. Now here’s 2007 and I need a bigger bike so that I can keep up with the big boys. I want to get some real miles under me so I found my 2002 Honda Shadow ACE 750 and I love it. I loved it so much that I wanted to ride as much as I could with my husband and anyone else that loves it as much as I do. A relative of mine (who’s a bit on the Witchy side) is in the Free Spirit Chapter so I figured that here was my chance. And let me tell you that riding with women is SO different than riding with men. Women go through or have gone through the same emotions and fears that you have and they know how to get you through it. Even 8 hours in the rain the first time you’re faced with it. (Thanks, guys) I still love riding with my husband but I am so blessed to have this wonderful new group of friends to ride with too. We’re all proud to be women riders so just get out there and ride. You’ll see me out there having a blast in my pink helmet.