Hello, my name is Marlene and I currently live in South Lyon. I was born in August and I have two beautiful, grown daughters. I am a retired police officer with 33 yrs of service and I am also an Army veteran.

I come from a riding family. My father rode for years with the Iron Mustangs and I grew up riding on his bike with him. My older brother also rode a Sportster for years. I learned to ride at 14 on a 125 Yamaha, then a Yamaha 250 & 750 as a teen. I rode in the motorcycle unit for approximately five years for the police department.

I purchased a 2012 Harley Super Glide, then for my 60th birthday I got a 2013 Road King.

I was introduced to FSC in 2012 by Tracy from BHD when I purchased my bike.

When I'm not riding, a few things I enjoy are gardening, cooking, fitness, running, kayaking, household projects and among other instruments, I play the classical guitar.