LindaLINDA, "Iron Feather" Retired Free Spirit Foundation President

I was born June 2, 1953 in sunny California, but have lived in several states during my years, so I really don’t know where I belong.

My current bike is a 05 Yamaha 650 Custom. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 15, starting with dirt bikes, then at 17 it was street bikes and I have been riding the streets ever since on any bike I could fit on!

I moved to Michigan Sept. of 99, don’t much care for the cold, but the fishing is awesome here. I started working 3 days after I came to Michigan as an aircraft parts inspector, it was a small shop, so it was back and forth - work and home was all I knew, didn’t have any friends as there was only 2 employees there and my husband had all male friends.

My husband Dick and I love to ride, fish and camp, so that was all we did, some times with a couple of friends that he had, but I still did not have someone I could really call a friend to do things with.

In May of 02 I was in a motorcycle accident, where a truck pulled right out in front of me, so there I was stuck at home, not knowing anyone, when I get this email from Free Spirit Chapter. So I guess there is a reason for everything… it was because of my accident that I found out about Free Spirit Chapter!

As soon as I was able to drive after my first surgery, (one of many) I went to a meeting, and have not stopped since.

I have met so many wonderful friends, and have been having the most fun of my life since I’ve joined this club.

I want to say to any women that rides and who is thinking about joining an all women’s motorcycle group, DO IT!

I have learned so much and have made friends for life in this chapter. They taught me how to ride with a group since for 32 years I always rode alone, or with a couple of others, now I feel very confident riding in a group, and also getting me to open up cause I‘m a very shy person.

As of now my current job is….co-editor of our Free Spirit newsletter and president/CEO of Free Spirit Foundation.