Hi! I’m Diane and I have been a member of the FSC since 2010 (the same year I bought my bike and started riding). My bike is a 1200 Low Sportster and currently has a little over 20,000 miles on it.

I started riding in my 50's. My original goal was to purchase a bike for my 50th birthday, however, six months prior to that I lost my job during the cutbacks. Of course, no job means no bike. I decided it was time to start a second career. I attended the accelerated nursing program at Oakland University and became a Registered Nurse. After taking the state boards and working for over a year, I decided that it was time to get that bike. The bike was delivered and I had no mentor to guide me as an inexperience rider. Through the internet I found the wonderful group of women of the Free Spirit Chapter. The first meeting I drove my car because I had not ventured out more than a few miles from my house on my bike. The second meeting I rode my bike and was sweating bullets all the way. By the end of summer I was riding comfortably on the expressway because of the wonderful mentoring from this group of lady riders.

My favorite ride has been along the Lake Superior shoreline through Wisconsin and Minnesota up to the Canadian border. I had to turn around at that point because I wasn’t planning on going that far north and did not have my passport to cross the border. Lesson learned--you never know where the motorcycle journey is going to take you. My favorite Michigan ride is going up the incline at the Porcupine Mountains and viewing the Lake of the Clouds in the UP. Safe Riding!