Cathy Cathy - Chapter Chaplain, Lifetime Member

Hey everyone! Chaplain Cathy Herron here! Or “Chappy” as a select few members have taken to calling me. I live in Livonia, and work as a hospital chaplain. I’m also chaplain for our group offering support to members and families no matter faith or spiritual background.

I’ve been a member of FSC for more than 10 years now. I learned to ride in ’93 “just because it looked fun”, taking the MSF course just before leaving for Texas and a six month internship in Music Therapy. One of my music therapy supervisors rode and I thought she looked totally cool! I rode on the back of a couple of friends’ bikes but there was NOTHING like being in command of that machine myself. Once I got behind the handlebars I knew I’d never be a passenger again! I wasn’t able to get my first bike, an ’81 Yamaha 250 until 1996, oddly enough, just before I entered the convent. I bought it off a friend. Her husband painted it royal blue upon my request, to match the color of my former nuns’ habits. After a total of 3 years in the convent I realized I needed to “change habits” and left the Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters. After I got a job I had a decision to make; Lasik vision correction or a new motorcycle? In 2000 I purchased a new 750 Honda Nighthawk and we’ve been partners since.

Because of the confidence and experience I gained riding with the Free Spirit women I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday by taking a week-long, 1300 mile motorcycle tour of Alaska. This was an all-women’s tour and I made fast friends with gals from all over the “Lower 48”. I’ve put a few thousand miles on other bikes when I traveled to CA, TX, and CO to visit and ride with those AK friends. I rode along California’s coast, twists, turns, great cliffs and ocean views! In CO while riding the Rockies I fell in love with my rental bike a BMW F800 GS. The elevations there left me breathless. Texas can also leave a rider breathless but that’s due more to the heat than anything else! Maybe someday a “Beemer in my barn” but for now the Honda’s paid off and very reliable! I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere. If I get to ride all the better! In China and South Korea in ’13 the best I could do was get photographed next to motorcycles! Next year my planned trip is Austria and Germany. A BMW will definitely be on the agenda there! My “bucket list” includes riding the 50th state for my 50th birthday in ’17 and someday riding in Australia or New Zealand.

I love this group! The diversity of women, motorcycles and the camaraderie is inspiring! As the saying goes FREE SPIRIT ROCKS! And I’m honored to be a part of this group!